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Duncan Williams

Author, Trainer and Business Consultant

Duncan Williamson is an author, trainer and business consultant specializing in Financial, Management Accounting and Spreadsheet Modelling with a sustained record of success established in the Financial and Commercial marketplaces. He is an inspirational presenter whose excellent communication skills have been demonstrated across countries and cultures assisting executive professionals to achieve their full potential.

Duncan’s international experience includes multimillion dollars projects and consultancies carried out in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, the Caucasus, the Balkans, Central Europe and Denmark. In addition to working as a consultant and trainer, Duncan worked in a wide variety of sett ings, ranging from working as a management accountant in process industries in the UK to product cost consulting in several industries in Eastern Europe and the Oil and Gas industry in the Middle East.

Duncan has published widely over the years on cost and management accounting, and is a major contributor to various magazines, journals and websites. His latest book is Finance for the “Non Financial Manager” which has just been published, January 2016. Prior to that, he has writt en “Excel Solutions for Accountants” in three volumes in June 2015, and “The Accounting and Bookkeeping Coach”, published in April 2014.

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Thomas Kessler

Author, Trainer and Business Consultant

With over 25 years of M&A experience, Thomas Kessler has led major landmark M&A transactions  globally including  Deutsche  Post  acquisition  of  Global  Mail, Thomas has led over US$20 billion in M&A deals. His M&A case studies have been featured as success stories in Harvard Business School Case Study.

Thomas  is  also an accomplished faculty leader in universities and institutions globally such as the KPMG, Zürich University PWC European Center of Excellence and Ericsson Training Center

He is now the Founder and  Managing  Partner  of  IntegrationSuccess  GmbH.  His  primary  focus  is  on  creating  financial value  for  companies  through  M&A,  JV  and  corporate  restructuring.  He  has  been  involved  in over 25  major  transactions  with  a  total  valuation  of  more  than  US$20  billion. 

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