Senior Email Deliverability Specialist / Manager

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About The Company

Clariden Global ( delivers global training programs and conferences around the world. We collaborate with faculty directors from renowned institutions from around the world, such as Harvard University, Stanford University and Wharton Business School, and leading industry experts to design and lead executive programs and conferences globally. All of programs are fully accredited by CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). Our aim is to help professionals and companies acquire skills and obtain certifications to help them create a competitive edge in their career and industry.

Today, we are looking to hire Senior Email Deliverability Specialist / Associate Manager. Your responsibility will be to help us develop and execute an email marketing strategy across domains and IPs to maximize email deliverability and performance.



  • At least 5 years of email deliverability experience

  • Degree in Marketing / Communication Studies, preferably with good grades

  • Passionate about marketing

  • Excellent written communication skills in English

  • Excellent skills in managing and co-ordinating projects

  • Demonstrate independence and ability to work well in a team

  • Detailed, structured and committed

  • Demonstrate a strong desire to take his/her career to the next level

Career Scope & Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute an email marketing strategy across domains and IPs to maximize email deliverability and performance

  • Responsible for monitoring, evaluation, and support of email deliverability for a high volume email system ensuring that email messages are securing the highest possible delivery rate

  • Ensure high levels of inbox placement rates and accelerate ROI of email marketing channel

  • Creation of PowerMTA/Mailwizz configurations automatically using development skills

  • Development of scripts to analyze deliverability of emails

  • Blacklists, identify spam traps and work with an ISP to optimize sending rates

  • Knowledge of email filtering technologies

  • Knowledge with ReturnPath, message systems, SNDS, RBLS, MTA, MxToolbox, Spamhaus and 250ok

  • Get in touch with major ISP like, Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail:  

  • Build and maintain relationships with ISPs, Spam filtering services, blacklist operators, and other deliverability players for the purpose of ensuring the highest possible delivery rates

Skills Required

Email Marketing, Email Deliverability, Lead Generation, Anti-spam, Email Strategy, Web Analytics, Google Analytics, PowerMTA, Deliverability, Email Campaigning, Spam Filtering, DNS Management, SMTP, Mass Email Marketing, Mailwizz, Domain Reputation, DKIM, DMARC, SPF, Throttling

What’s On Offer

  • Highly competitive remuneration (you will be fetching 20 – 40% higher remuneration against your current salary)

  • Accelerated career progression and high visibility, forming part of the company’s leadership pipeline

  • Learning & Development opportunities to gain insights and knowledge, keeping up with the dynamic business environment

  • A young, vibrant and collaborative work environment, characterised by a highly performance driven culture

  • Remote working will be available for this position